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 [Important]Ban Appeal Format

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[Important]Ban Appeal Format Empty
PostSubject: [Important]Ban Appeal Format   [Important]Ban Appeal Format EmptyFri Oct 03, 2014 9:43 pm

Ban Appeal

IG Name:

Banned from(Game/Forum):

Why were you banned:

The Admin who banned you:

Why should you be unbanned:

[center][size=24][color=#FF0000][b]Ban Appeal[/b][/color][/size][/center]

[size=16][b][color=#FF0000]IG Name:[/color]HERE[/b][/size]

[size=16][b][color=#FF0000]Banned from(Game/Forum):[/color]HERE[/b][/size]

[size=16][b][color=#FF0000]Why were you banned:[/color]HERE[/b][/size]

[size=16][b][color=#FF0000]The Admin who banned you:[/color]HERE[/b][/size]

[size=16][b][color=#FF0000]Why should you be unbanned:[/color]HERE[/b][/size]
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[Important]Ban Appeal Format
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