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 [Gang Application]Varrios Los Aztecas by Luke_Schutz

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PostSubject: [Gang Application]Varrios Los Aztecas by Luke_Schutz   Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:15 am

1. Basic Information
The Varrios Los Aztecas, also known as VLA or simply Aztecas, are a relatively small Mexican street gang in Los Santos. They are currently in a war with  rival gang Los Santos Vagos. They are active with drugs trades, drug trafficking, supply routes, and weapons smuggling in parts of Los Santos. The Aztecas have also been known to be heavily involved in arms dealing. The Spanish name of the gang is "The Neighbourhood Aztecs".

1.1. What is the name of the gang?
Varrios Los Aztecas

1.2. Who is the leader of the gang?

1.3. What type of gang are you trying to create?
Varrios Los Aztecas shows up as a street gang.

1.4. Will your gang participate in Points?

2.1. Gang Story/Biography (Minimium 600 words)
The Varrios Los Aztecas are an extremely proud Mexican street gang, they control a small collection of poor neighborhoods. They are the smallest gang in Los Santos but are likely to be one of the most strongest armed, giving them power over the other gangs. They are a traditionally gang like the Grove Street families, with heavy involvement in arms trafficking, gang-banging, gang warfare, street violence,  and illegal street racing. They are easily identifiable by their turquoise colored bandanas and 90's "cholo" style clothing. The street gang was created by Luke Schutz in the 90's after he and his amigo's had an shootout with the Los Santos Vagos families, they became sworn rivals shortly after the gang was created. Varrios Los Aztecas use all of their poor hoods daily, to keep control over them, they are always in for fights, drug deals and arms dealing.

2.2. HQ Location(Screenshot of your HQ)

2.3. Starting Members - Ranks included (Min. of 3)

2.4. Skins (Must include 5 skin ID's and pictures - 4 + 1 girl skin)

Skin ID: 292(R6 only)

Skin ID:114

Skin ID:115

Skin ID:116

Skin ID:69

2.5. Your Rank Names
Rank 1:"Soldado"
Rank 2:"Trusted Amigo"
Rank 3:"El A Comrade"
Rank 4:"Respected ese"
Rank 5"El Commando"
Rank 6:"El Jefe"

2.6. Why should you be given this gang?
Because i have experience with the leadership of  gangs and because i want to provide more RP into the server.

2.7. How will the family promote RP on the server? (Example of family's RP situations)
We will be known for our Gang wars, our Armsdealing, and our Drug dealing, we will have a "Chilling spot" at Pizza stack in Idlewood, where we will hang out, and RP all the time.

3.1. Does the leader have past leadership experience?
Yes, i have experience with 3 Other gangs, 2 as R5 and 1 as R6

3.2. Proof of RP activities (Screens/Fraps)

3.3. Have you read the gang/point regulations and do you agree to them?
Yes, I took time to read them.
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PostSubject: Re: [Gang Application]Varrios Los Aztecas by Luke_Schutz   Mon Oct 06, 2014 9:14 am

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Jack Ripper


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PostSubject: Re: [Gang Application]Varrios Los Aztecas by Luke_Schutz   Mon Oct 06, 2014 9:42 am


Contact me in game for giving the slot.

Jack Ripper
Director of Gangs & Families Administration
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PostSubject: Re: [Gang Application]Varrios Los Aztecas by Luke_Schutz   

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[Gang Application]Varrios Los Aztecas by Luke_Schutz
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