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 FBI procedures.

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FBI Director.

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PostSubject: FBI procedures.   Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:26 am

If the following happens:
- Kidnapping , A cadet can not take over from the lsPD. We only take over as soon the LSPD asks
us to take over, OR the LSPD can not maintain the situation on them selfs. A higher ranked decides
to take the kidnapping for any reason, and at that point the FBI takes over the negotiation.

- If LSPD tells us not to step in, we will be right there watching being prepared to over rule the LSPD
if they go wrong, and to congratulate the LSPD with their success if they succeed.

- If bomb threat, FBI ALWAYS steps in ( Agent+ ) this is a terrorism and a homeland security case.

- If LSPD asks backup, The FBI does not take over, simply assists the LSPD and let the LSPD arrest the criminal.

- You drive pass a shootout, its your job to stop the shootout.


If persons talk to you and you are on a assignment, do not respond. If in free time you can talk.

If persons ask investigation related questions, you document what they ask but not respond.

If LSPD, SWAT asks you investigation related questions, you qualify this on level of confidential.
Most cases you just respond with ; Classified information.
Specific weapon usage rules.
First of all, every weapon has a level of endangerment, a spray weapon can easily hit multiple
targets, that we try to avoid. A weapon is a deadly force, we do not wish to kill a person.
This should be prevented unless no other options left.

Weapons will be used in the following situations:
- A person has an weapon in hand, you are allowed to aim at the person.
- The same person refuses to lose his weapon, make sure to have cover by a other aiming officer
and get close to spray him with a spraycan.
- A shot is fired, you can open fire ( just /s2 before opening fire )

The FBI does not maintain a SMG regulation or weapon regulation. Just be sure when and how you use your SMG or M4 or any other weapon.

The FBI maintains the right to do anything needed in the following:
- National treat of security, terrorist attacks, riots.
- To protect the President.
- Top secret investigations on high level.

Reasons of investigating and rules:
- If person is looking suspicious /well known to the police, we can question them when neccessary.
- If person is armed.
- People with large crimes, kidnapping certain government officials ex; Police chief, FBI Director, president.

- We are allowed to use force in an investigation if ;
Its about the location of a bomb, it's about several lifes.
- We can lie to the suspect. ex; We have pictures.
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FBI procedures.
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