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 Frequently Asked Questions

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Frequently Asked Questions EmptyThu Oct 09, 2014 8:36 am

Q: How do I level up?
A: You need to get 8 respect points, which are earned through signing checks every hour(/time - :01) & once you have 8 of them and 50,000$ in hand, type /buylevel.

Q: How to know how many respects I have?
A: Type /stats, it should be on the far right side of the first line.

Q: Are modifications illegal here?
A: Any kind of modification that gives any sort of advantage to your character is illegal, the rest is legal, but it's always safe to ask an admin if you can install this or that modification before playing on the server with it.

Q: Can I free people that are at DeMorgan if I'm a lawyer?
A: Unfortunately no, you can only free ICly jailed players inside LSPD.

Q: What's Teamspeak 3 ip?

Q; How do I join a family?
A: You can join public gangs if you're new to the server which are Ballas and Grove, just head to their headquarters and type /joingang. If you want to join a private gang, you'll need to find them out ICly and RP with them.

Q: What is the easiest job for newbies?
A: Bodyguard and Arms Dealer, /jobhelp for their commands and guides. You may also /dropcar for extra cash.

Q: What do I do if I lost my password?
A: You may need to PM an Executive admin to retrieve your account, but you may need screenshots to prove that you're the rightful owner of the account.

Q: When will the next update comes?
A: As we speak, our scripters are adjusting & adding new features to our script, but patience is key.

Q: I can't see any cars and players in game, what do I do?
A: Type /fixvw. If that doesn't work, try relogging.

Q: Can I get a refund from other server?
A: No, you may not get a refund from another server.

Q: How do I get different fighting style?
A: Get inside Ganton Gym and type /train at the "i", it will cost $50,000 each fighting style.

Q: Why I can't buy a house at this moment?
A: You need level 2 for a house or maybe the house isn't for sale.

Q: I've /report'ed to admins that someone is DM'ing me but the admins didn't respond, what should I do?
A: Press F8 to get the SS of the rulebreaker and post a complaint at forums.

Q: How do I join helpers team?
A: Don't rulebreak, be a good rolemodel to the server and guide newbies when they need you.

Q: What is the scam limit?
A: Scam limit is currently $20,000 maximum.

Q: I can't spawn to the server, what should I do?
A: Then your account might be bugged, post a game related administrative request.

Q: How do I get unmuted from /n?
A: Simply /report; Please unmute me from /n, I'm level __, I accept the fines given to me.

Q: Someone refuses to RP and constantly talking on /b, what should I do?
A: Keep roleplaying with him and take screenshots(F8) or record the situation, you can then proceed to make a complaint on him.

Q: How do I change my name in game?
A: Go to City Hall, walk to the yellow "i" and type /namechange (New_Name). There has to be a Senior or higher level admin online to accept it.

Q: How do I fix lag problem?
A: You can download gamebooster(google for it) or you change your game resolution with low quality, it will help.

Q: How do I do a valid CK?
A: Needs to be approve by the player that is getting CKed himself.(You'll lose everything except level when you're CK'ed)

Q: How do I become a hitman?
A: You may need to know heavy RP and you'll be needed to be selected by the hitman director himself.

Q: How do I put neon to my car?
A: You may need mechanic job and then type /neon.

Q: How do you rp a assassination using sniper without getting complaint for DM?
A: You have to make sure its for RP purpose and not DM. Don't randomly shoot any random players as it will counted as DM.

Q: Are Modification legal on the server?
A: Some modification are legal and some are not, the illegal ones are the ones that can exploit or gives an extra advantage to your character.

Q: Can I /free someone in prison(Demorgan) if I'm a lawyer?
A: Unfortunately no, you can only ICly jailed players inside LSPD.

Q: Where do I get Teamspeak3?
A: You can download it from TS3 Download link.

Q: How to join factions except LSPD?
A: Go to Public Service section in forums, choose which one you want to join, look at the requirements then apply when you have met the requirements.

Q: Why do I make /ad and I received a star for FCC Violation?
A: You violate the law ICly, what to know what to or what not to write on your /ad.

Q: How do I buy buisness?
A: Donate using IRL money or you can simply contact a buisness owner to buy it ICly.[/font]
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Frequently Asked Questions
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