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 Required || LSPD - Application Guidelines

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Required || LSPD - Application Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Required || LSPD - Application Guidelines   Required || LSPD - Application Guidelines EmptyFri Oct 10, 2014 1:23 am

Los Santos Police Department
Training and Recruitment Division

Identification and Questioning
When applying for the Los Santos Police Department, please make sure you answer all questions truthfully, and to your best of ability. Failing to answer the questions correctly will result in your application be denied, and possibly faction banned. We take applications very seriously, so anything you say in your application could possibly be used against you in the application, so make sure you know what you put down is correct too. Remember not to pester the training and recruitment officers about your application. Please only ask if it's not being replied to within three days, or you're set to pending recommendations for five days, or we can and will deny your application for bothering training and recruitment officers.

Transfer Policy
We do not accept transfers from other public services or departments. You must apply like everyone else, and get the same treatment such as every other applicant does. We also reserve the right for members of this current department to transfer to another department. As the status currently stands, we do not authorize the right for you to transfer to another departments, even if the other departments allow transfers.

Recommendation Processing
Recommendations, and High Command Recommendations will now be explained here. When you have received a letter from the Los Santos Police Department - Recruitment Division, saying that your application is now pending recommendations, that means members of this department, or other departments must give their vouch to you to be a member of the Los Santos Police Department. Members of all departments are allowed to give their recommendations and non-recommendation, as everything said in there is taken to account. So to all people who give recommendations or non-recommendations, please make sure that you give them that for the correct, and right reason or maybe next time your vote may not count. The recommendation system works in a ratio system, along with who recommended.

Your application will only be set to pending recommendations if have received 10-30 warrants ((Crimes Commited in /stats)), or if you have been arrested ten or more times within your life. You will have a maximum of seven days from when your application was set to pending recommendations to receive more recommendations than non-recommendations.

When you receive a recommendation from any department, one point will be added. This system works the same way for when someone does not recommend you to the force. So be sure that you've been a outstanding citizen, and you get only good recommendations.

If you have more than 30 warrants you will have to receive High Command Recommendations within 7 days.

Application Policy
You are not allowed to submit an application to the Los Santos Police Department whilst having another application submitted to another faction. If you have an application for another faction, wait till it's denied, then you may apply to LSPD. If you have an application for LSPD, wait till it's denied, then you may apply to another faction. Having multiple applications submitted to different factions will result in you being faction banned from the Los Santos Police Department.

Thank you for reading and understanding the application process.

Los Santos Police Department
Training and Recruitment Division
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Required || LSPD - Application Guidelines
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