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 San Andreas National Guards Official Handbook

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San Andreas National Guard
Official Handbook

Table of Contents:

To the Public
1. Information
2. To the Public
3. Arriving to duty ((+ faction commands))
4. Vehicle Information
5. Equipment and Weapons
6. Ranks and Divisions
7. Duties
8. Personal vehicles and going off-duty
9. Gate protocol for visitors and factions
10. Miranda Rights
11. Chain of Command
12. Central Dispatch Radio
13. Other Important Information
14. Codes
15. Important information for soldiers
16. Strikes
17. Zones
18. Paychecks


This Official handbook contains information all the information you need on the San Andreas National Guard. It is aimed at the public and also at our staff as a guide for common practice and code of conduct.

To the Public

The San Andreas National Guard is one of the oldest branches of the United States Military. We serve and protect the Citizens of Los Santos, always aiding the City during extreme crises, keeping dangerous Criminals locked up, and conducting various Military Training Sessions and Operations.

The National Guard is made up of various soldiers from different cultures and from opposing genders. Our “Headquarters” is Fort DeMorgan, a maximum-security military base that stores new graded military technology, and also keeps the most dangerous criminals of San Andreas locked up. On occasion, the National Guard will be called in for certain situations that demand its aid. An example would be assisting in heavy duty bank robberies, or assisting the LSPD, SASD or FBI in the capture of dangerous fugitives. Our aim is to seek, capture or kill the states enemies and defend the freedom of the public.

Arriving to duty

When you arrive for work, you must immediately go to the Armoury, towards the lockers and get access your specific locker ((/ng)). After doing so, you may get into your uniform, get all your gear ready, and insure your weapons are prepared.

((OOC Commands:))
- Your basic commands in a LEO faction:

• Faction Radio Chat

(/r)adio <message>
Use this to speak with other SANG members. Keep it IC and as professional as possible.
• Faction OOC Radio Chat

(/or)adio <message>
This chat completely OOC.
• Department Radio Chat

(/d)epartment <message>
Use this to speak with other faction members. Keep it IC at all times, unless completely necessary or you could be punished.
• Megaphone

(/m)egaphone <message>
Use this to instruct civilians from a large distance. It can only be used in Government vehicles only and should be used only for important messages.
• Back-up Beacon

This will send a beacon of your location to all LEOs. Can be used to call for back-up, show you location while chasing someone, show you location for a 10-14, etc.
• Wanted List

The wanted list is a list of all suspects. It will display their name along with how many stars they have.
• Gate Control

This will control all 3 Gates at the base and you can also honk your horn to open them (SANG Vehicles only).
• Cells

This will allow you to open a single cell and other gates leading to the cell block.
• Cells

This will allow you to open all cells and other gates leading to the cell block and all other paths..
• Crime Entry

(/su)spect <Name> <Crime>
This will add a warrant for arrest to a player
• Ticketing

/ticket <Name> <Price> <Crime>
You can issue tickets to suspects with this. First get their ID and /suspect them, then give the ticket and have the star removed if they pay.
• Frisking

/frisk <Name>
This will allow you to see what a person is holding. (Remember to RP wearing Latex gloves)
• Taking Items

/take <Item> <Name>
This will allow you to take things from suspects. You should immediately take their weapons in case they escape.
• Tazer

/sdtazer (Pistol Tazer) or /handtazer (handheld tazer)
The tazer will allow you to stun a suspect (Use right mouse button to taze), so that you can cuff them. It lasts 12 seconds and will need time to recharge.
• Cuffing

/cuff <Name>
This will allow you to detain a suspect to your car and prevent them from any movement for several minutes. (Remember to RP withdrawing them)
• Detaining

/detain <Name> <Seat>
This will place a suspect into your vehicle. 1 = “Shotgun” Passenger, 2 = Rear Seat Passenger, 3 = Rear Seat Passenger.
• Deploying Roadspikes

This will place spikes that will flatten all tires.
• Destroying spikes

/deletespike(s) <message>
This will delete the spikes in front of you, or all at once.
• Deploying Roadblocks

This will place a road block, blocking access to that certain road.
• Destroying Roadblocks

This will allow you to remove the roadblocks.
• Deliver Prisoners

/deliver <name/id> <amount of time, 0-60>
This will allow you to prison a Criminal in prison for 0-60 Minutes, depending on their amount of crimes Committed.
• Checking the Number of In-Mates

This will show the names of all the In-Mates in the Prison. Must be done in the Control Room of the Prison for it to work.
• Allows you to check the suspects criminal record.

/MDC <name>

Allows you to view the suspects previous criminal record.

Warrant Placements

Light - Medium Offense: One warrant

-Trespassing at Fort DeMorgan yellow - red zone: Entering a restricted area without permission.

-Assault towards SANG member: Issuing a threat with the means to carry it out/attacking somebody.

-Bribery: Attempting to bribe LEO for freedom.

-Evading: Fleeing from a Law Enforcement Officer via running, driving, flying, sailing, etcetera.

-Failure to Comply: Failing to comply with direct orders from a Law Enforcement Officer, such as someone who keeps driving after being told to pull over.

Heavy Offense: Most Wanted ((Do not auto MW))

-Attacking DeMorgan: Attacking in attempt to take over Fort DeMorgan.

-Infiltrate DeMorgan: Trespassing inside Fort DeMorgan to release prisoner or stealing important information.

-Escaping from Fort DeMorgan [Prisoner]: Escaping from cell as a prisoner and evade from Fort DeMorgan area.

Vehicle Information

HMMWV ((Patriot)):

The HMMWV (High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) is a light, highly mobile, diesel-powered, four-wheel-drive vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission system. It is used by the 101st Marine Corps and the 4th Armoured Battalion during Combat situations that require the Speedy Transport of a Small Squad and some supplies.

Troop/Supply Truck ((Barracks)):

This Vehicle is used primarily as the Troop and Supply Transport in the D.N.D. Almost each Sub-Division uses this on a daily basis for Transporting a large bulk of Troops, Provisions, Weapons, Ammunition, explosives, etc. to certain locations that demand said resources. Mainly used by the 4th Armoured Battalion, as any Military Ground Vehicle falls under their jurisdiction.

Demolition Van:

A slow moving, Heavy Transport, that is used by the National Guard to move a large quantity of Explosive Weaponry from one Location to the next, and is also used in the Transportation of various Criminals and In-Mates from one location to the next.


A fast, All-Terrain Motorbike that is used by the National Guard during Operations that require a Scouting Team, or for speedy pursuits around the desert terrain surrounding Fort Demorgan.

M1 Abrams [Heavy Assault Vehicle]:

The M1 Abrams is an “Modern Armour” battle Tank, which features a powerful gas turbine engine, and an adoption of composite armor and separate ammunition storage in a blow-out compartment for the tank's crews' safety. It's weighing in at 68 short tons. This is one of the most powerful battle tanks out there and is to be used only by soldiers with the proper training.

Chinook Transport Helicopter ((Cargobob))

The Chinook is Helicopter that is able to Transport Troops, supplies, weapons and other equipment to different areas. This vehicle does not contain any weapons systems or defensive mechanisms, as it is only a Transport Helicopter. This vehicle can be piloted by Pilots or higher, but cannot be Piloted by Cadets. This Helicopter is used during situations that demand a large amount of Troops to be transported, or an Evacuation from a dangerous zone, etc.

Apache Gunship ((Hunter)) [Heavy Assault Vehicle]:

The Apache Gunship is a four-blade, twin-engine attack helicopter armed with .50 Cal Machine Guns and Heat Seeking Missile Systems, it is a Very Deadly Combat Vehicle. This Helicopter is only to be used during selective Combat Missions and for Protecting Area 69 during Extreme Raids and such. This Gunship can only be flown by Senior Pilots or Higher under extreme circumstances/conditions.

Harrier Jump Jet ((Hydra)) [Heavy Assault Vehicle]:

The Harrier a Military Jump Jet that is primarily used for Air Strike Operations and other means of Offensive Aerial Combat. This Aircraft has both the Ability to hover at a very High altitude, and can also switch to a Normal Flying Mode, in order to reach its objectives quickly. It is armed with Heat Seeking Missiles and Combat Flares for certain “Hot” situations. This Aerial Combat Aircraft is one of many used by the San Andreas State Air Force Division in the National Guard, to keep order in the skies. Abuse of this Aircraft will result in your permanent removal from the Faction.

Weapons and Equipment

Tactical Combat Vest:

This piece of equipment is essential to Survival as a Soldier. Members of the National Guard should have this tactical vest on them at ALL times to insure that you have the proper protection against bullets, and some forms of Shrapnel. If your Tactical Vest has been shot up or is damaged in any way, it is important to get a new one from the Armoury, as we might be engaged in Combat at any time.

Chemical Mace Aerosol Spray ((Mace/Spraycan))

This form of chemical spray includes the ability of putting suspects to sleep once they en-hail it. This gas was designed to put most human beings to sleep with barely any side effects therefore if a suspects gets out of hand it is advised to use this. It is recommended to have this spray with you at all times whilst in the Counter Terrorism Bureau.

Combat Baton ((Nightstick))

This Combat Baton is useful often in some situations such as the needs of smacking your suspect down for self defense purposes, failure to comply or evading to ensure they don't get away. This self-defence weapon is not to be used against any other National Guard member whilst it's on your possession.

Red Fuse, 10 Minute Flare:

This Red Fuse is a powerful flare which lasts for ten minutes. This flare is used to indicate your position to an Aerial Scout Vehicle and to indicate where to launch an airstrike/artillery. To active the flare, click the end of it until you hear a sizzling noise, then watch it light up. All members of the National Guard are required to have at least 1 or two of these on them at all times for emergencies.

M9 Tactical ((Deagle)):

The M9 is the replacement for the famous M1911, and was introduced in the early 1990s. It is one of the lightest weighted, powerful pistols you'll ever come across, therefore it is useful as a sidearm for self-defence or shooting down lightly armed suspects, (Only in Situations that demands its usage as a Primary weapon).

870MCS ((Shotgun))

The 870MCS (Remington 870) is a Pump-Action Shotgun made by US weapon manufacturer Remington. It was designed and produced in 1951. A powerful close range weapon, it has the strength to kill up close in one shot, two if further away.

M1014 ((Combat Shotgun/Spas-12)):

The M1014 is a Semi-Automatic Shotgun used by the Paratroopers during almost all of their Combat Situations. It fires 2.75 and 3-inch (76 mm) shells of differing power-levels, meaning it packs a punch. All shotguns are advised to only be used during close range shooting as the distance shotguns cut through air waves are small therefore this weapon is only to be used in close range shooting. Shotguns spread their bullets in a cone shape away from your weapon and produce quite a bit of damage. It is recommended to be a close distance in order to get a kill shot with this weapon.

M416 ((MP5)):

This Semi-Automatic rifle is weak and doesn't produce much damage towards the enemy but it is possible to hold this with one hand as the fire power is only weak. It is advised to use this weapon as a side arm for back up situations, such as support and recon missions.

SG553 ((M4))

The SG553 is a carbine version of the SG550 Assault Rifle, developed by the weapons manufacturer Swiss Arms AG (Formerly SIG). It fires the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. Very effective at medium range.

Barrett .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle, ((Sniper)):

This weapon is a Sniper Rifle with a slightly improved scope for eyeing down any Hostiles. Sniper rifles are mostly commonly used for long range and are also advised to only be used that way. Snipers are to be used for over watching situations and taking down any armed men which may open fire on Friendlies.

Ranks and Divisions

• Private ((Rank 0))
As a Private, you have yet to pass your Academy Procedures and Training. You have yet to show that you're capable of completing the very basics to become a Soldier.

• Sergeant ((Rank 1))
If you're a Sergeant then you have finished your learning of the National Guard rules, and how exactly we handle certain situations. For the most part, you know what you are doing, but cannot take Command of any Soldier. Overall though, you are an Official Soldier in the National Guard, and you now have the choice of what Division you wish to join.

• Captain ((Rank 2))
This rank is achieved by working hard and doing a good job. Keep doing what you're doing and you will be promoted to a Higher Rank soon. You now have the authority to order Privates and Sergeants, and assign them to various duties around the base.

• Major ((Rank 3))
Now that you have achieved this Rank you have more responsibilities. You can command any rank below you, and you should be the Sub Commander of a Division by now. Through hard work, and determination will you reach the next rank in the National Guards.

• Colonel ((Rank 4))
You are in control of a Division and can recommend members for promotion to the General. You are expected to make sure everyone is doing their job, and to keep order and disciple in the National Guard. It is a serious position, and any fucking around will not be tolerated at all.

• Lt.General ((Rank 5))
A Lt. General is the next-to-be General, proven to be a great Soldier and leader. The Lt. General is responsible for overlooking almost all the Divisions, and taking care of any tasks that the General cannot attend to or take care of himself. He is the General's left hand man and is the most loyal soldier.

• General ((Rank 6))
The General is an experienced and respected Soldier who has worked with the National Guards for many years ((Months)), and has the knowledge and power to make any Decision concerning the Faction that he wants. He can hire, fire, promote and demote anyone for any reason he sees fit to perform the action on them for. No questions asked.


There are roughly three Divisions in the National Guards. Two are Public, where the other one is handpicked by the commander.

• Special Air and Naval Operation Services (SANOS):
The San Andreas Special Air and Naval Services division [SANOS] is considered to be one of the most elite divisions in the National Guards. The duty of this division is basically flying air and naval units in required causes such as air support and water-bourne support. The San Andreas Special Air and Naval Operation Services has the ability to use a various of air units, such as the Chinook Transport Helicopter ((Cargobob)), Apache Gunship ((Hunter)), the Harrier Jump Jet((Hydra));

• Recruitment and Training:
Members of this Division are handpicked by the Commander and Sub-Commander. The Recruitment and Training Division handles all of the new recruits for the National Guard. Namely they respond to Applications on the Website, conduct interviews with the Applicants, and Train Privates through the Boot Camp System.

• Military Police
The Military Police (MP) is responsible for keeping a watchful eye on certain members of the National Guard, who may be committing certain Criminal Offenses during them time on, and off of duty. This Division is controlled by the Lieutenant General of the National Guard, who selectively handpicks the members. The difference between IAB and MP, MP uses an armband, which is black with "MP" in red letters.


• Gate duty

This task involves the soldier to be inside the gate office ((pass is: sang123)) and monitor the main gate. They are to stop vehicles that enter the yellow zone and ticket them, arrest people who go past the red zone border and also direct visitor factions and other people who will be coming to the base.

• Humvee Patrol

This task involves the person assigned to drive a Patriot around the red and yellow zones. They are to arrest anybody within the yellow zone and red zone, however if they're in the red zone they may warn and shoot on sight.

• Aerial Patrol

This task involves the Soldier assigned to fly a Chinook, a Harrier or an Apache Gunship over the Red, Yellow and Blue Zones. If they see an Aircraft in the Yellow or Red Zone, they must notify the other aircraft to land immediately. If the aircraft fails to obey, it will be shot down.

• Cell Duty

This simple task involves staying in the cell area, where prisoners are. There should be two people assigned here if possible so that one may escort released prisoners outside or in case of a break-in.

People may only be let out of cells if only one is let out at a time and there is a minimum of 3 Soldiers inside DeMorgan at the time. ((If not, the attackers helping the prisoner, will be prisoned by an admin))

• Camera Control Tower

Whoever is assigned to it should stay within the control room at all times, viewing the cameras ((/camera 1-7 | off)) and opening the gate when required. Do not leave this room unless it is necessary or you've been assigned to do control tower and watch tower duties together, or you are ordered out.

• Tower Watch

This task involves standing on one of the six watch towers located around the edges of DeMorgan. You are permitted to shoot down any incoming aircraft, as well as alerting others of their presence via (/r)adio. A Sniper or a Rifle is mandatory.

Personal vehicles and going off-duty

When you join the SANG you probably expect to park your personal vehicle(s) inside the main base, this is however incorrect and not allowed, the only vehicles that can operate in the main base are SANG vehicles only. So you probably ask "What about my vehicle?". Well, we have selected a small parking lot in Fort Carson for you to keep them.

The cars are to be parked neatly there. When you wish to go off duty and visit Los Santos you must request for an on-duty soldier to drive you to this parking lot, and also pick you up when you're done, if no one is avalible to do this however ((No one is online)) you will NOT go off-duty and instead continue to guard the base. ((If you get back from off-duty and no one is available again, just run back, NO exceptions for civilians vehicles inside the base.))

Gate protocol for visitors and factions

While the soldier is on gate duty, they are to stand inside this security booth ((pass is: sang1234)):

Inside the booth there are two desks, one for communicating with visitors and the other is for accessing the computer and other work, there is also a water dispenser if you feel thirsty, however spilling the water over the computer will result in having to pay for the damage.

Security at Fort DeMorgan is very important and should be a high priority, which is why we have a set of zones (see rest of handbook) which help us enforce the region. NO non-SANG vehicle is allowed inside the main base complex, which means when authorized visitors, including other factions arrive at the base, they must not pass the red/yellow zone border otherwise will be arrested for security reasons, the border is marked by the yellow and black speed bumps seen below:

When vehicles are asked to stop at this point, the soldier on gate duty is to direct the vehicle to the temporary parking, this is also where applicants leave their cars during the interview, this saves having to drive them inside the base which causes a security risk, the parking slot is to remain free at all time. Below you can see the parking spot:

Just ask the vehicle to park inside the fences and then you may search the inhabitants. If its a suspect transport you need to transfer him into a Humvee before bringing him inside ((You MUST RP this, if they fail to RP you then may used commands to help you)). Once inside you need to then transfer them into the cells.

Chain of Command

If you are a Private, you are in your position for one reason, to obtain a better understanding of how the National Guard works. If somebody is a higher rank than you and tells you something, you had better do it. As a Private you may feel like you know everything there is to know. Trust us, you don't.

Keep in mind, once you screw around at any rank then chances are you will be removed. Respect everyone in the National Guard, no matter what their rank is.

Courtesy Be polite
Professionalism Show extreme competency
Respect Show consideration

Central Dispatch Radio

Being connected to the Dispatch (( Teamspeak 3 )) while on duty is mandatory. If you are not connected while you are on duty you had better have a decent reason or you may receive Internal Affairs infraction strikes for it. When you are connected you should stay in the Main Radio Channel (Dispatch) to be assigned to a Unit or you can assign yourself with somebody. When assigned, you must move to the Unit Channel with your patrol partner so you can talk without constant chatter when separated. You should always have a secondary Radio button for contacting all other Units in emergencies.

You must also have a patrol partner at all times, unless instructed otherwise - Privates may never patrol together or alone.

Other Important Information ((IC/OOC))

Going Away / Inactive
If you know you will be gone for a while you need to make a thread in the (Private) section of the SANG forums to let us know, otherwise you may be discharged from the National Guards whilst out of town, ((/uninvited while offline)). This is extremely important to do if it applies to you. If you are not seen at work for over than one week without notifying any High Command, you will be discharged from the National Guard.

The Roster:

Now in-case you don't know already, we have a roster posted listing all current members serving in the S.A.N.G. On the roster you can find out every ones rank and or position in the S.A.N.G. along with what time zone they are in. Please remember that if you aren't on the roster, it is very important for you to let us know by posting the correct information in the topic. We strive to keep the roster as up to date as possible, so again please help us by making sure you are listed on the roster and the information provided on it is all one hundred percent up to date.

Minor Regulations:

- When you're off duty, you can only take Kevlar Vest, Desert Eagle and MP5 from the armory.

- When there is an intruder, or C0, you must protect the cells block with your life, nothing is important as the cells are.

- When you're escorting someone to the AA, do it as fast as possible and drop him near the Dodos , do not waste any time.

- When someone is coming to the Fort DeMorgan, resume the case before letting him in, it can be FBI Agent, Government Operative, and etcetera. Cease fire 'til you resolve the case, afterwards, if it comes to a situation to open fire, go ahead and do it.

- Do not shoot, bait, hit or do anything similar to the prisoners, if it comes to a situation where you have to use force though, use your tazer.

- Remember: It's always better to stop a suspect than to kill him.

Miranda Rights

The Miranda Rights are an important part of the constitution. If a Soldier were to forget to read the suspect his or her rights the suspect would be able to have all charges dropped and possibly be fired. Every time a suspect is detained they must have their rights read to them, regardless of the location or situation you must read these rights each and every time.

Obtaining a National Guard Website Tag:

This is commonly asked within the SANG: How can I get a green name on the forums? This question requires a simple solution: apply for the SANG group in the group membership section, which can be found here. Getting accepted into the SANG group entitles you to a green forum name, along with access to the private SANG forums.

NOTICE: When you apply for the user-group, always include your in-game SANG name along with your rank, otherwise you will likely be denied. If you are no longer an active member of the SANG, we would like to ask that you remove yourself from the user-group, or identify yourself under another group if possible. Either option can be accomplished from the above link. Also keep in mind that if your forum name doesn't match your In-Game name you may also be denied. It is recommended that you post in the admin requests section of the forums to get a forum name change to match your in game name.

Radio Codes

10-1: All units regroup / Meet at -location-
10-3: Stop transmitting / Clear the radio
10-4: Roger that / Received and understood
10-5: Please repeat
10-6: Disregard
10-7: Standby
10-8: Busy
10-9: Repeat message
10-10: Negative
10-14: Requesting a pickup at -location-
10-18: Report information needed
10-20: Location / Position
10-21: Report your status
10-22: Report in person – location (Go there / Come here)
10-27: Switching radio channel
10-35: Rebeacon
10-37: Lost visual
10-40: Lots of people in the area
10-41: Possible illegal activity
10-55: Traffic stop
10-56: Computer check
10-57v(ictor): Vehicle persuit
10-57f(oxtrot): Foot persuit
10-60: Vehicle description (Blue Cheetah)
10-61: Suspect description (IC 2 male, blue clothes)
10-70: Backup / assistance required
10-70e(cho): Emergency backup required
10-70t(ango): SWAT required on scene immediately
10-71: Ambulance required
10-95: Routine Traffic Stop
10-98: No further assistance required
10-99: Situation concluded (Finished what you were doing)
10-420: Drug dealing commencing.
11-99: Taking heavy fire

Status Codes:

Status 1 – Off duty
Status 2 – On duty
Status 3 – Going on a break
Status 4 – Patrolling available for calls
Status 5 – Responding without light & sirens
Status 5e(cho) – Responding with lights & sirens
Status 6 – I am on scene (target location)

IC Codes:

IC1 – White
IC2 – Black
IC3 – Latino
IC4 – Middle Eastern
IC5 – Asian (Chinese etc.)
IC6 – Unknown ethnicity

Regular Codes:

Code 0 – Base is under attack or lockdown.
Code 1 – Prisioners have been released.
Code 2 – Vehicle incomming.
Code 3 - Helicopter incomming.
Code 4 – There is a intruder in Demorgan / Camp Aushaw
Code 5 – There are several intruders in Demorgan / Camp Aushaw.
Code 6 - Re-Assignment.

Acronym Codes

A.D.W. – Assualt with a Deadly Weapon
A.K.A. – Also Known As
A.O.D. – Assist Another Deparment
B.A. – Burglar Alarm
B.A.C. – Blood Alcohol Content
B & E – Breaking and Entering
B.O.L. – Be On the Lookout (for)
C.A.D. – Computer Aided Dispatching
C.C.W. – Carry Concealed Weapon (permit)
C.O.N. – Call Of Nature (bathroom break)
C.Y.A. – Cover Your Ass
D.O.A. – Dead On Arrival
D.U.I. – Driving Under the Influence
E.M.T. – Emergency Medical Technician (paramedic)
E.T.A. - Estimated Time for Arrival
E.T.D. - Estimated time for Departure
G.S.W. – Gun Shot Wound
G.T.A. – Grand Theft Auto
I.E.D. - Improvised Explosive Device
M.V.A. – Motor Vehicle Accident
N.V.G. - Night Vision Goggles
P.I.T. – Pursuit Intervention Technique
R.O. – Registered Owner
R.T.B. - Return To Base
S.W.A.T. – Special Weapons And Tactics

Field codes (Codes used while in operations)

AO - Area of Operation (The area in which the operation is taking place)
CO - Commanding Officer (Commander of the operation)
FOB - Forward Operating Base (A front-line outpost in the AO)
LZ - Landing zone (The area for a helicopter landing)
MedEvac - Medical Evacuation (The process of extracting an injured comrade)
SecCO - Section Commanding Officer (Commander of the section)
TwoIC - Second in Command (The second in command of the operation or section)

Strike System

[ X ] - Painting government cruisers, or having/using other illegal modifications. (This excludes nitro for car chases.)
[ X ] - Calling the high ranker with name only. (not calling with rank name)
[ X ] - Driving in/around base in your own civilian car while ON - DUTY
[ X ] - Hanging in/around base without SANG uniform while ON - DUTY (General and Lt. General are exempted)
[ X ] - Going undercover without permission.
[ X ] - Reckless driving. ((Non RP Driving))
[ X ] - Using unauthorized vehicles.
[ X ] - Patrolling without High commands permission.
[ X ] - Fucking around at reassignment.
[ X ] - Using your tazer without a reason to use them.((Tazer abuse.))
[ X ] - Using department radio as a Private without permission.
[ X ] - Going off assigned duties without permission from High Commands.
[ X ] - Tazing/Detaining someone without giving them prior warning of stopping.
[ X ] - Taking the cruiser of another Soldier/LEO without asking them beforehand.
[ X ] - Phones on during reassignments.
[ X ] - Radio switched off while on duty ((not being in TS3))
[ X ] - Using SANG vehicle while on duty or without High Commands permission.
[ X ] - Patroling / Traveling in Los Santos while on duty.
[ X ] - Parking your vehicle improperly in the Parking lot.
[ X ] – ((Being Prisoned for a Light Offense, According to the Server Rules))
[ X ] - ((Talking over the radio OOCly after being warned.))
[ X ] - ((Asslicking - pointless sucking up/harassment of superiors with intent of reward))

[ XX ] - ((IC/OOC)) insults to another LEO.
[ XX ] - Use of force without verbal warning.
[ XX ] - Parking a civilian/personal vehicle inside the main base.
[ XX ] - Bringing the person's faction into disrepute.
[ XX ] - Using unreasonable/excessive force.
[ XX ] - Rushtazing. ((Rushtaze: Tazing someone while they shoot or aim their gun on you or other person))
[ XX ] - Lack of professionalism. (Whining/Immaturity/Fucking Around)
[ XX ] - Insubordination.
[ XX ] - ((Revealing IRC Password))
[ XX ] - Clearing wanted points off a suspect without prior notice nor permission.
[ XX ] - Freeing suspects from the cells without prior notice nor permission.
[ XX ] - Allowing unauthorized visitors in the Fort DeMorgan without High commands permission.
[ XX ] - Possession of Narcotics.
[ XX ] - Possession of Materials.
[ XX ] - Conspiracy of selling Materials / Narcotics / Firearms.
[ XX ] - Taking a civilian vehicle without giving them a reason beforehand.
[ XX ] - Taking and using official vehicles outside of Las Venturas & Bone County
[ XX ] - Constantly asking for ranks.
[ XX ] - Being intoxicated on duty. (Drinking)
[ XX ] - Using SANG heavy artillery without permission or noticing High Commands.
[ XX ] - Using grenades without the approval of the high command, or approval of the senior leadership on duty.
[ XX ] – ((Being Prisoned for a Medium Offense, according to the Server Rules))

[ XXX ] - Spamming in SANG Radio or Department Radio.
[ XXX ] - Stacking charges.
[ XXX ] - Using any kind of unnecessary force on a suspect while Tazed/Cuffed.
[ XXX ] - Abuse of powers.
[ XXX ] - Disrespect towards fellow SANG colleagues.
[ XXX ] - Sexual harrassment towards another LEO / Civilian.
[ XXX ] – ((Being Prisoned for a Heavy Offense, according to the Server Rules))
[ XXX ] - ((Conforming to asslick, the asslicker will also be removed from his position))

[ XXXX ] - Material running without permission.
[ XXXX ] - Assault on another Soldier.

[ XXXXX ] - Corruption. (Results in removal from the faction)
[ XXXXX ] - Abuse of SANG heavy artillery.
[ XXXXX ] - Leaking classified information((ICLY or OOCLY)). (Results in removal from the faction)

For Privates only

If a Private reaches their third strike, instead of getting suspended, they will get fired.

For everyone else:

[ X ] One strike will result in the minor punishment of the misbehaver (Laps or push-ups etc). No direct action will be taken.

[ XX ] Two strikes will result in closer observation for subsequent misbehavior. No action will be taking upon the offender.

[ XXX ] Three strikes will result in a suspension from the National Guards for 2-5 days

[ XXXX ] Four strikes result in demotion to previous held rank. (( I.E. if someone goes from Sergeant directly to the rank of Colonel, their third strike will cause them to get demoted back down to the rank of Sergeant.

[ XXXXX ]Five strikes will result in getting discharged from the National Guards (( fired )). There may also be a condition set, where said person may not be able to rejoin the National Guards for a certain period of time, for example, Three weeks.



• Civilians are off limit to SANG. (Note: If SANG is given permission to enter LS, they are allowed to act when they see illegal/dangerous activity.


• SANG is permitted to patrol and arrest civilians who are breaking the law.
• Law enforcement does not need permission to enter this area.


• Civilians May not pass this point.
• Civilians may be ticketed or arrested if found in the yellow zone. (Note: Depends on how close the person(s) is from Demorgan. )
• Law Enforcement must radio in if they wish to pass this point.
• Civilians must turn away if Military Personnel instruct them to.
• Failure to comply and you WILL be arrested.


• SANG is allowed to shoot anyone in the redzone, though they prefer to arrest.
• Civilians found inside the red zone will be Arrested.
• Civilians who are visibly armed will be shot on sight.
• Aircraft in this zone will be shot on sight.
• If a person tries to flee from the red zone after SANG has told them to stop, they will be shot upon.
• Law Enforcement within the red zone who have failed to radio in prior to being spotted, will be questioned as to their purpose in the red zone.
• Unidentified Vehicles will be disabled.

Air-Traffic above red and yellow zones will be considered hostile and a terrorist threat, Air-Traffic is restricted to Military Aviation only - NO Civilian Air-Traffic is permitted. ALL NON-MILITARY AIRCRAFT IN THE YELLOW ZONE AND RED ZONE WILL BE SHOT DOWN WITHOUT ANY WARNING.


San Andreas National Guards members will get their own weekly payment for their tireless effort and hard work. The S.A.N.G. General or Lieutenant General will only give you the paychecks if you are really doing your job right, you can take your payment usually on Sundays.

• Private ((R0)): $150,000
• Sergeant ((R1)): $200,000
• Captain ((R2)): $250,000
• Major ((R3)): $300,000
• Colonel ((R4)): $350,000
• Lt. General ((R5)): $425,000
• General ((R6)): $500,000

Note: If you have anything illegal, when you come as you are set on "Pending", you would be arrested and denied.

Made by;
General Chris David
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San Andreas National Guards Official Handbook
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