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 Boot Camp Information

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San Andreas National Guards
Recruitment and Training Division

San Andreas National Guard
Recruitment Procedure

Application Process

The applicant must first make an application. A Recruitment and Training personnel will scrutinize your application and decide your fate. Your application will be either set to CORRECTIONS PENDING or DENIED. If it's set to CORRECTIONS, you need to fix your mistakes stated by an RnT in your application. If DENIED, they must wait the standard time of seven days before applying again. If set to PENDING, they must then contact a Recruitment and Training personnel to sit an interview.

Testing Process

After contacting RnT personnel, you will set up a time and date to take an interview. The interview will consist of basic interview questions and a small test. In the test you will be required to know most aspects of the handbook (please study it well before going to the interview or you will be denied). If you pass the interview, your application will be set to "Probationary Status" and you will enter the SANG. If you fail the interview, you will be DENIED and have to wait the standard seven days from that time.

Four Days Trainings


This is a system that you can get your badge after being in SANG for 4 days.
The trainings will held 4 days and after being in SANG 4 days you can get your sergeant exam.
The training of each day will be repeated 2-4 times and you can do the trainings more then 1 time in a day.
You don't have to do the trainings in all the days, but you have to pass the exam in order to get Sergeant badge.

Day Four: Duties, Status, Codes trainings

In this training you will learn the radio codes, status and the IC codes and also you will learn on your duties as solider.
The trainer will show you the base and you will learn: Where you do the duty and what you have to do in this duty.
For example: Main gate-Main gate duty- you will have to report what happend in the main gate every few minutes and to spec what happend outside the main gate.
Towers-Tower duty- You will grab a sniper from the lockers and go on a tower, you will use the sniper scope and check the area outside the base and report in the radio if you see something strange and etc..

Trainging information:
Radio codes, Codes, ICs, Status, Duties, Base locations.

Day Two: PIT and Driving skills trainings

In the secend day, you will learn how to fix your driving and how to make a better PIT
The trainer will show you how to do a perfect PIT and you will repeat this action a few times until the trainer says that you are ready, You will learn how to fix your driving by the trainer, you will chase the trainer and try to PIT him until his car isn't able to move anymore((exploded))

Training information:
Perfect PIT, how to fix your driving skills, and how to PIT someone while you are in a chase.

Day Three: Shooting and Arresting trainings

In this training you will learn a few things on your weapons and you will learn how to arrest someone.
The trainer will ask you a few question on your weapons such is it small range/long range or how many bullets its clip contains?
After being tested on your weaponry knowledge you will be tested on your shooting.
The trainer will tell you where to shoot and what to do while doing it(bends down, roll and etc..).
In the arresting part the trainer will teach you what to do when you need to arrest someone.
He will teach you the 5 stages to arrest someone and you will have to perform this 5 stages perfect on the trainer.
1. Warn-Taze-Cuff, 2. Hold-Pick-Detain, 3.Driving near the cells, 4. Asking for name(if he resist you will use Fingerprint Scanner)- useing the MDC and adding charges, 5. Griping the suspect and putting him in a cell.

Training information:
Weaonry knowledge, shooting skills, arresting knowledge(the 5 stages).

Day Four : Unarmed Combat and Fitness trainings

In this training you will learn how to fight with enemy while he's holding a weapon and you will learn how to disarm someone with only pair of hands.
In this trainings the trainer will teach you how to disarm suspect, you will learn how to fight and you will learn a new moves.
In this trainings you will do alot of laps and alot of pushups.
The trainer will show you how to do this action and then you will have to copy his moves until you do it perfect.
After learning how to disarm suspect, the trainer will act as suspect and you will have to disarm him, the trainer will decide when you are doing it perfect.

Training information:
New fighting moves, how to disarm armed suspects, fitness check every few moves(1 lap around base/20 pushups).

NOTE:Every training will held 20-30 minutes, and the training will be 2-4 tmes per day.

SANG Wide Trainings


Capture the flag.
• Primary objective and secondary tactic
skills for each team.
• Defensive planing and firearm accuracy skills.
• Team work.
• Communication skills.
• Empty hand force.

Squad Defending Skills.
• Defending procedures and formations.
• Tactics and strategies.
• Team work.
• Communication skills.
• Firearm accuracy skills.
• Empty hand force.

Pursuit Intervention Technique training.
• Vehicle pursuit (10-57v) tactics and learning outcomes.
• Radio communication.
• Cuffing/arrest procedures.
• Communication between the soldier and the suspect skills.

Para-dropping and squad procedures.
• Para-dropping formation skills.
• Remaining in a squad/group.
• Self defence procedures whilst in the air.
• Resistance to parachute failure (what to do when there is a parachute failure).

Fitness and breathing skills training .
• Obtain a better heart rate during running or pursuits.
• Obtain strength and agility skills.
• Learn to handle pressure.

Self defence and deadly-empty hand force procedures training.
• Communicate through suspect actions.
• Use self defence procedures at suitable times.
• Learn the rules of engagement.
• Learn the levels of self defence and which to proceed with for each situation.
• Get yourself out of tricky situations such as hostage situations.

Inmate handling and skills.
• Cooking inmate meals.
• Handling inmate procedures and skills such as warnings.
• Extension of inmate(s) time.
• Threat levels.

Wide Trainings and Explanations

Final Exam (Sergeant Test)

The Sergeant test is an exam that every private can take after 4 days in the SANG, also every private can take the exam even he didn't train in the dally trainings, but the private has to know that in the exam will be question that related to the dally training and he will have to answer the exam if he want to get his Sergeant badge.
The exam will take 10-20 minutes and in the exam you will see 8-15 question.
You will have 2 strikes that's mean you can't fail in 2 questions, if you fail in the exam you will have to wait 2 days if you want to take it again, after doing the exam more then 3 times and failing you will be discharged from SANG.

Note: You don't have to be in the dally trainings in order to take the exam, but you have to wait 4 days in SANG in order to take it.


San Andreas National Guards
Recruitment and Training Division
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Boot Camp Information
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