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 Reinstatement Information.

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Reinstatement Information. Empty
PostSubject: Reinstatement Information.   Reinstatement Information. EmptySat Oct 11, 2014 6:16 am

Reinstatement Procedures

What's expected

As always, in the National Guards each soldier is expected to have knowledge, show depth basic understanding; of operations or tasks assigned, and most importantly, comply with the rules of the National Guards (( and is able to roleplay )). Therefore as a trainer, you are expected to ensure every reinstatement is done correctly, and that this soldier and/or applicant who is attempting to be reinstated, is qualified enough to obtain the Sergeant rank. In assistance as to a guide, each process is mentioned in this section of the handbook and/or document.

How/What/When are personnel(s) qualified for reinstatements?

When an applicant and/or soldier requests a reinstatement, the following applies; as rules, which are enforced. IF they do NOT meet these requirements, the one applying for a reinstatement...- cannot be reinstated.

- Must be known to achieve the rank of Captain or higher with-in the National Guards.
- Must have shown professionalism with-on his/her application when applying.
- Hadn't been discharged from the National Guards for any reasons in the past.

IF any of the above exists and/or is acknowledged, then the person applying for a reinstatement...- simply cannot. Instead he/she will be processed through the regular academy procedures.

The step by step procedure of reinstatements

In-order for someone to successfully be promoted to Sergeant and obtain his/her Sergeant's badge, he/she MUST have had the following step by step procedures accomplished. These steps may be accomplished after the trainer has obtained permission by the General, the Lt. General(s) OR the Recruitment and Training commander, themselves.

Step one:
The trainer MUST see if the one applying for a reinstatement is eligible to proceed with any trainings or various things. Therefore, the trainer must then interview the one summoning to be reinstated as Sergeant, asking questions why they have returned to the National Guards and why they had left. These general questions may be in the form of the following sentences;

Following this questions, the trainer should test the one attempting to be reinstated, on the radio codes. He/she should then score 90 percent or over before passing the interview and processing to the final stage. IF the one attempting to be reinstated as Sergeant doesn't score the required amount, then he/she is unable to be reinstated. The reason the expected score is raised for reinstatements is because former soldiers SHOULD know the radio codes.

Step two:
After successfully accomplishing stage one without any errors, the trainer must then do at least ONE training. This training must go for a minimum of 30 minutes as-well as includes the following skills; being tested,

- Firearm handling and accuracy.
This should include reloading a firearm, flicking the safety off and various ways of holding a firearm; depending on what firearm.
- Hand signals.
One of the top communication ways in the National Guards, is using hand signals, especially when carrying out operations.
- Usage of the radio codes.
As the one being reinstated, he/she must get back into the habit of using the radio.
- Put under pressure.
We all know that in the National Guards, it's a hard time. It's time to remind them of what it's like.
- Listening skills.
If you don't listen, then you could muck up.
- Physical fitness skills
In the National Guards, fitness is a big one. Fitness is almost needed every single day. Ensure that the one applying for a reinstatement is fit enough.
(( - Roleplay skills ))
(( The trainer MUST apply this skill in all trainings, especially for reinstatements. The roleplay coming from the one requesting a reinstatement must include, imaginable, creativity and descriptive words using at least one of the following: /l(ow), /s(hout) or at least one animation command. He/she must also include the usage of /me and /do. ))

NOTE: All these skills should be implemented with-in one training for maximum reminders, the more thinking the brain does...- the more the one being reinstated, is reminded. There will be no restricted trainings, therefore BE CREATIVE; ensure all skills apply in the training, even if it’s just a little bit of a certain skill.

Step three:
IF the one applying for a reinstatement has passed the interview and ONE singular training, then he/she may be processed and promoted to Sergeant, receiving their Sergeant's badge.

Finalisation notes
This document has been written CLEARLY with all key-words/important words being BOLD. If there is any MISS-UNDERSTANDINGS, ensure to obtain understanding by asking further questions; by either contacting high command or other Recruitment and Training officers which are qualified enough to give understanding knowledge.

San Andreas National Guard.
Recruitment and Training Divison.
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Reinstatement Information.
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