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 The Official SANews Application Format

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The Official SANews Application Format Empty
PostSubject: The Official SANews Application Format   The Official SANews Application Format EmptyFri Oct 24, 2014 11:13 pm

1) Information about you


1.2)First Name:

1.3)Middle Name(If you have one):

1.4)Last Name:


1.6)Current House address:

1.7)Phone Number:

1.8)Date Of Birth:

1.9)Place Of Birth(City):

1.10)Hospital You were Born in(If you know)


1.12)Languages You can speak:

2)Medical Condition

2.1)You'r current Medical Condition:

2.2) Any Medical Problems that could stop you from Working?:

3)General Information and Questions

3.1)Past Experience(Past Job's or Faction's):
3.2)Do you have a Driving License
3.3)Post a Picture if you do((SS))

4)Career Incentive

4.1)Why do are you interested in this Job?:

4.2)What will you bring to Sanews?

4.3)Why do you want to be a reporter?

4.4)Your Biography((Min of 100 words))

((Out Of Character Infomation(Dont wanna answer? if ya want only answer * one's))



5.3)IG Level*:

5.4)Where do you live(Country):

5.5)All Name's you have registered with (CK's as well)*:

5.6)A SS of Your Stat's(/stats, then press F8)

You'r Signature Here

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The Official SANews Application Format
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