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 National Guard Applycation

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National Guard Applycation Empty
PostSubject: National Guard Applycation   National Guard Applycation EmptySat Oct 25, 2014 6:24 am

Randy Omez' s
National Guard Application

Full Name:Randy Omez

Date of Birth:13/04/1996



Phone Number: 2355


Place of Origin:Los Santos

Home Address:79 Mulholland intersection

Medical Analysis
Medical Condition(s):N/A

Please enter any medical conditions you are currently experiencing.
Do you have any heart condition(s): No

Do you have Asthma or any other respiratory problem(s): No

Conviction Declaration
Have you been imprisoned or incarcerated for a Criminal Offense: Yes well i think i had got into Trouble because I had materials which I was using them for legal things and I am going to the lspd to get my wanted name cleared

If yes, how long were you sentenced to?: N/A

Your LicensesL:

(( Please paste the link to a cropped screenshot of your /licenses.Using Google will help if you don't understand. Do not include any [img] tags. ))

National Guard Applycation KHJKvM9

What will you bring to the SANG?*
I will bring Brilliant Driving and flying skills that I can teach others, I know how to shoot and ((RP)) I can chase other cars easy I know how to shortcut in a chase as someone’s going on the HWY on ocean docks I ca cut them off and put down road spikes and quickly catch up the criminal, I can shoot someone more than 300 meters away and hit them, I can bring great skills to this origination and I can spread the word about good skills in conclusion I will bring good skills to this origination thank you.
This answer must be a minimum of 100 words.
Why we should choose you instead of any other applicant?*
Your Should Pick me then another applicant because i am a great driver and fly. i can fly a Harrier Jump Jet((Hydra)) Like a boss((well anyone can)) I can divert missiles with flares and make they skyies clear of enemies from all parts of San Andreas, my expericane with the law is like honey I try and get away but I just come back I use to try and sneak and over hear them training learn when I can and where I can improve I had a dream of being in an law force from when I was 12 to 14 years old and that is why u should pick me.
This answer must be at least 100 words.
Your Biography:*
I was born At the Los Santos Genaral Hospital. My Dads Name is David Omez and my Mums Name is Kat Omez And they lived in 61 Mulholland Intersection, Los Santos. I was Born as Danny Omez But I got My Name Changed when I was 6 years old. My Parents Died In a Robbery In a Mullholland 24/7 when I was 12 They told me I had to finish my homework and then I could go with them to a party after they when to get some food at the 24/7, when I finished my homework I ran down to the 24/7 I was about 50 meters from the door and I hear six Gun shots. I hid behind a bush and watched them leave with the store’s money I quickly ran to the store and called the LSPD and the Hosptial, when I finished I ran to my parents and sat by their sides till the paramedics and the LSPD came and i helped them in to the paramedics I got told I had to stay with the Sargent of the PD. His name was. I stayed with him for 2 years then I got tranfered to some foster parents. My new dad Said he cant tell me was he does to for a living till I say with them for at least 2 years but my new mum said she was a Clothing Designer. One day 2 years later my dad said he was going to take me to his work, we got to hes work and I found out that he was a San Andreas National Guard, he took me around the base and showed me some stuff when we were having lunch an alarm when off and he said I had to hide somewhere. So I whent and hid in a cupboard and I heard gun shots and I seen though a crack in the cupboard door that someone was coming in I sat very still until my dad said my name, I crawled out of the cupboard and whent and hugged him. He told me that I had to stay with him till we got home, but as he said that a bandit guy came up to use and shot my dad, I ran as fast as I could to the room I was in there was no more room to hide. Till I saw a Colt45 on the desk I grabbed it and ran to a corner once the bandit guy came in I shot him in the leg then in the heart. After that one of my dad’s colleague’s came in and I dropped the gun he saw me and picked me up and took me to an car and we drove off, I went to the hospital to check if I had anything wrong with me but I was fine the other day I went to the chief to SANG and I got a metal of bravery one custom made for me. The rest of my life I was dedicated to the SANG.
Your answer must be at least 300 words.(( 512 words i couldnt stop writing))
Additional information / Questions / Concerns:*
If you have any questions of information you would like to disclose at this time, this is place to put it
Are you currently employed?*
If yes, then what is your job?*
(( OOC Information ))
Forename:* ((sorry I don’t give this info out about me its not about the good people its about the bad ones))
Your first name: ((sorry I don’t give this info out about me its not about the good people its about the bad ones))
Timezone (GMT):*Eastern standard time
Picture of your statistics:

Please include a link to a screenshot of your /stats without [img] tags.

National Guard Applycation RRuCGB9

Past RP Experience:*: I have another account in the ballas gang and have rped a lot

(( OOC Requirements Check ))
How much time do you play a day?*: 5-7 hours
Past names and alternative accounts:*

Please list all of your past names used in-game as well as your alternative accounts. : David Larsson(my Ballas gang Account I didn’t money farm)
Have you read the SANG Handbook?*: yes"

Yes All
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National Guard Applycation Empty
PostSubject: Re: National Guard Applycation   National Guard Applycation EmptyWed Oct 29, 2014 4:23 am

San Andreas National Guard
Training and Recruitment Division
Recruitment Office

National Guard Applycation 2w395zs

Fort DeMorgan Maximum Security Prison
Bone County 26
Las Venturas

Dear Applicant,

Your application has been received by the relevant authorities of the San Andreas National Guard Team.
After analyzing and reviewing your experience and qualifications, I am sorry to inform you that your application has been denied.

The reasons for your denial are as follows:

- ((Did not fill the forms of Forename and Surname))

Feel free to apply after a week.


National Guard
General Chris David

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National Guard Applycation
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