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 Community Helpers Handbook

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PostSubject: Community Helpers Handbook   Community Helpers Handbook EmptyThu Oct 09, 2014 7:17 am

Community Helpers Handbook

Take this handbook as a start. But you can always think and go up and down with the punishment as long as its not excessive or loose.

Zone Map

NOTE: European/African Zone is now merged with Asian/Oceanic Zone

Community Helpers Handbook 978rkg


Being a helper is not all about having a cool color name on forums and a helper tag in-game and in Team Speak. Helper's job is much too complicated than that and it takes a lot of dedication and matureness to do the job. There are many types of jobs a Helper can do. Here's a brief explanation about some of the most important Helper duties that you can do; and I can assure you if you do these duties, you'll get loads of respect from people and you will be known as a true helper around the server. Remember, your main goal is to help the new players and to answer their questions.

Helpers in-game commands

Helpers: /hc, /hreturn, /nmute, /helpnewbie (/hn), /ncheck, /nwarn, /toghc, /nrw, /ap
Senior Helpers: /hc, /hreturn, /nmute, /helpnewbie (/hn), /ncheck, /nwarn, /toghc, /nrw, /ap, /nonewbie.
Head Helpers: /hc, /hreturn, /nmute, /helpnewbie (/hn), /ncheck, /nwarn, /toghc, /nrw, /ap, /nonewbie, /makehelper.

/n(ewbie) helping

One of the most important jobs of a Helper is to answer all the questions that are asked via /n in server. Your main task is to keep your eyes on the /n chat and try to answer all the questions (Which you have the answer too). The helpers are given an advantage of no delay on /n so you must help people at all times. That doesn't mean you can abuse /n(ewbie). You can only use /n(ewbie) to answer questions and to warn them not to abuse over /n(ewbie) if they abuse it. Whenever you answer a question, always try to answer it completely so that they don't have any confusion about the question. Always behave good over /n(ewbie).

/a(nswer)p(layer); it's a simple command to answer other players over /n(ewbie), you must do /ap [Player ID] [Your Answer] and your answer will appears on /n(ewbie) chat.


* Newbie Dylan [93]: How to see my playing hours?

* Head Helper Safo Hudson [19]: @Dylan, Do /stats and you will be able to see your playing hours.

/nmute command

The /nmute is one of the advantages of the Helpers, which they must use to mute the players that are constantly abusing the /n(ewbie) chat.
You must not use such command to abuse on the other players and you must have a valid reason to mute the players, you will use the respective rules as a reference on your mutes.

/nmute references

- Players level 1-5 abusing: First time will receive a warning, second time is a 1 hour muting, third time is a permanent mute
- Players level 6-11 abusing: First time will receive a warning, second time will receive a permanent mute.
- Players level 12+ abusing: will be permanently muted on the spot, they have been here long enough to know not to abuse.
- Player advertising another server: will receive a permanent mute. (Any level).


Even as a helper, we can do mistakes sometimes, if you have accidently /nwarn the wrong player or you unfairly /nwarn(ed) a player, you can remove the unfairly warns by using this command (/nrw).

Note: You must not remove fairly warnings without the awareness of your superiors (unless you have /nwarn(ed) the wrong player).

/h(elper)c(hat) and /tog(gle)hc commands

If you are in game and wish to share information or do few concrete comments or even do a decent talk within your colleagues you can use /h(elper)c(hat).

Note: You must not spam the /hc nor use offending words against your colleagues, if you do so, you will be punished by your superior(s).

If there are helpers constantly using /hc and you being a helper is busy in-game IC'ly at the moment; like RP'ing, you can freely do /toghc in order to toggle your helper chat to avoid that conversation and concentrate on the important part. Make sure to notify the helpers so that they would be aware of it, tog it back immediately after getting free.

/nwarn and /ncheck commands

Fortunately and finally we have scripted the /nwarn and /ncheck commands, with them we have more control over the abuse of the /n(ewbie) chat and better references in order to choose the /nmute timing.
The /nwarn command must be only used if you wish to script-wise warn a player that has abused the /n(ewbie) chat, remember to even warn him over /n(ewbie) chat just for his future reference and as another way to warn the other players. As like as the /nmute, /nwarn must not be abused.

Note: Use /ncheck before script-wisely warn another player (/nwarn) or mute another player (/nmute), it's important to know how much warns the player already has before choosing to /nwarn or the /nmute timing.

/nwarn references

- Players level 1 abusing (first time): If it isn't a serious abuse, you may only warn him over the /n(ewbie) chat, unnecessary to /nwarn at this moment.
- Players level 2-11 abusing (first time): Independently the abuse level (unless it is a permanent mute or banable offense), you will warn the player over /n(ewbie) explaining him to not repeat this action plus a /nwarn.
- Players level 12+ abusing (first time): Direct permanent mute. (see /nmute references)


- Whenever you will /nmute someone, tell him over /n(ewb) the reason for the mute.
- Whenever you're /help(ing)newbie, be polite with the newbie and if he acts good and learn from you, give him some prize, such as money or whatever.(Only if you want, you aren't obligated at all)
- Helpers may not abuse /n(ewb) in any circumstances, we are the helpers and need to set a good example for others.
- Helpers must keep active over /n(ewb),/helpnewbie and forums help, we are here to help the newbies, so let's do our job.(Of course you can take some breaks, but majority/nearly all of the time you are required to help in some way, shape or form)

/helpnewbie assistance.

Another way in game to help the players is the /helpnewbie, players occasionally want a 1 - 1 assistance to ask few questions regarding to the server and learn new things regarding to the server as well. The helper will be able to /helpnewbie and teleport to the current player who asked the 1 - 1 assistance, as soon as the helper teleport to the player he must present himself and be always polite with the player

Hello, I'm your community helper "Your name here", use /b to avoid metagame.

How can I help you?
Always hand a confortable relationship with the players, being polite and answring his questions or teaching him with the maximun details, remember that if he asked a 1 - 1 assistance, you must waste the maximun of the time with him to teach him everything that he wants.

If a player used /helpme to ask anything, doesn't matter if he did: "/helpme When's the /signcheck", you must /helpnewbie and not use /n(ewbie) to answer his questions,whenever someone use /helpme, doesn't matter what he asked you must /helpnewbie, unless you're not able to /helpnewbie or the player who asked doesn't exit of the a interior or is bugged.

Remember you job is not just to answer questions over /n(ewbie) but you must be always avaible and responding to /helpme requests.
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Community Helpers Handbook
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